Fiday Gestion is an industrial company specialized in the manufacturing of grey iron braking components (brake discs and drums) for the industrials vehicles markets (trucks, trailers, coaches and buses and off-highway vehicles...). Our headquarter together with our production facilities (foundry + machining shop) and our logistic center are located in the heart of Europe in Eastern France.

      This region is famous for its automotive and micromechanical business.

     We are a more than hundred-years old company. Our grey iron safety pieces dedication for the heavy duty pneumatic braking system is from the mid 80's milestone when Fiday Gestion was established. First with brake drums then with brake discs in the 90's when this technology was introduced on the market.

     We are one of the leading company in our field with an approximatively 25% share of our prime market: Continental Europe.
     This means yearly sales around 800 000 pieces for a turnover in excess of 50 millions Euros at the end of the 2000's years.