Transport and logistics

Logistics is the beating heart of our company, as it pragmatically controls the physical flows, information flow, and the meeting all resources needs with a single goal in mind : customer satisfaction!

It is a true competitive edge.

Daily analyses of all of our customers' needs are performed in order to schedule production and guarantee the optimal batch sizes. The objective is to anticipate the availability of all human and material resources.

After production, it is up to the packaging department to add the final touches to the part by packaging it according to each customer’s requirements. Such as the application of paint, the use of returnable palettes, specific packaging, etc.

All of which can vary greatly depending on the destination country and/or continent.

To do this, logistics must optimize the delivery of each part, regardless of the destination (about 4,000 parts per day).

At this final stage, the rigor and quality of the loading must be exemplary because problems could have consequences stretching out to the four corners of the planet.

Transport and logistics