At Fiday Gestion, the foundry covers 5 different activities: modelling, moulding, core-making, smelting and finishing.


Workshop for the preparation, maintenance, quality control and development of the tools necessary in all the production workshops. With several hundred references available, this is where our products come to life.


Moulding is the workshop where the moulds for moulding parts are created. The moulds are made by two moulding machines:

    • A moulding machine to make the lower mould.
    • A moulding machine to make the upper mould.

With a cycle time of less than 20 seconds per mold, the molding workshop has the capacity to manufacture approximately 5,000 molds per day. The size of the frames allows several parts to be manufactured per mold. After giving the shape of the part to be produced with green sand, the frame is transported to a remoulding line to allow the installation of cores.


Core-making is the workshop where the cores are made by two machines called coremakers. The cores correspond to the hollow parts of the finished part. They are made with sand to which binders are added to obtain the desired mechanical resistance. This resistance is obtained by a catalyzing gas. The manufacture of more than 500,000 cores per year is managed by an independent foundry team. The cores are soaked to form a protective layer and then dried in an oven. A storage capacity of more than 6,000 cores assures we have a 2 to 3 day buffer for moulding and core-making.


At the finishing stage more than 4,000 parts produced daily are freed from their moulding sand and gates. The frames are drained on shakers to separate the sand from the parts. Vibrating conveyors are used for this operation.

Using a manipulator arm, the parts are hung on an overhead conveyor which transports them to our finishing line where shot-blasting, grinding, inspection, painting and palletizing are carried out before being placed in storage. 

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